:::day twenty:::FAST FROM IGNORANCE

thursday, october 7
It’s not that rich Christians don’t care about the poor, it’s that we often don’t know the poor. ~Shane Claiborne
Jesus spent a lot of time with the sick, the sinful, and society’s outcasts. When he told His disciples that the poor would always be with them, perhaps He meant that the poor should always be with them…that His disciples should show such unconditional love and acceptance, the poor would be irresistibly drawn to them. For Jesus, the lowly and the unlovely weren’t charity cases, they were His friends who He would laugh with and eat with and learn from. They weren’t projects, they were people He loved deeply and knew intimately. Today, choose to make a new friend—maybe someone easily ignored or judged. Learn each others’ names and interests; discuss life and family, beliefs and values, hopes and dreams… just like you do with any of your friends.
How closely does your circle of friends resemble the wide range of people represented in Jesus’ circle of friends? What might you do to broaden the scope of your friendships?

Read... Luke 10:30-37; Luke 14:12-14

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