:::day seventeen::: FAST FROM VANITY

monday, october 5
13 billion dollars is spent by Americans on cosmetic surgery every year
How much time do we spend staring at ourselves in front of the mirror, whether in dissatisfaction or admiration, compared to the time spent looking at God and His world? The beauty of creation is all around us, from sunsets and trees, to pets and people, so instead of being distracted with our own reflections, may we desire to reflect the wonder of our Creator God. Discover the liberation that the world’s poor unknowingly experience by having little concern for outward appearances, and choose not to look in the mirror today.
What could we do with the money we might save if we spent less on our “outward beauty which fades?”

Read... I Samuel 16:7; Psalms 104 and 139; I Peter 3:3-5

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