:::day twenty one::: FAST FROM "CLEAN"

friday, october 9
“It’s amazing how much my definition of clean changed” ~Mike Yankoski after choosing to live on the streets for 6 months
One of the first things non-westerners seem to notice when traveling to a “wealthy nation” like ours is the high priority we place on cleanliness. Trash is collected in bins, restaurants undergo strict hygiene inspections, yards are pristine, pets are flea-free, and clothes are worn only once or twice before being washed. We have even been taught to associate “cleanliness” with “godliness” (i.e. good people live in clean neighborhoods, and bad people live in dirty neighborhoods; good people are bathed and well-dressed, and bad people are unwashed and wear dirty clothes). Today, choose to be “unclean.” Give up your shower, toothbrush, deodorant, etc., and identify with those who may rarely experience those luxuries.
What is God’s definition of “clean” for His children? How can you place more emphasis on your inner purity and holiness?

Read... Luke 11:37-41; John 13:1-17

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