:::day twenty two::: FAST FROM LITERACY

saturday, october 10
“I am illiterate. I am like a blind person” ~ an uneducated mother in Pakistan
In the west, we teach our children that their ticket to success and prosperity is getting a good education, and we invest billions of dollars to guarantee it is accessible. But imagine if you never learned how to read or write because you never attended even one day of school; instead you became “literate” in the ways of farming, herding, or scavenging at a very early age. This is the reality of one in six adults in the world today who are illiterate. Today, write down all the many ways your daily life would be impacted if you could not understand road signs, food labels, and instructions, not to mention books, emails, job related materials, or God’s Word. In fact, turn your Bible upside down to read the verses below and see just how debilitating illiteracy would be.
How might the inability to read and write affect your relationship with God? How might it not affect your relationship with God?

Read... Deuteronomy 11:18-22; John 1:1-18

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