:::day twenty three::: FAST FROM WASTE

sunday, october 11
Americans could fill the Rose Bowl every three days with the food they throw away.
While an absence of food ravages millions in poor countries, an abundance of food is thrown away each day by millions in affluent countries. We say things like “eat everything on your plate because there are starving children in Africa,” but does that actually change the way we buy, consume, or think about our food? Some researchers estimate that over a quarter of all food currently available in the U.S. will never get eaten and end up in the trash. Go take a look at your fridge and freezer, cupboards and counters, and choose to not let any of your food go to waste. Postpone your next trip to the supermarket or drive-thru until after you’ve eaten what you already have.
How would you explain the various reasons that millions of tons of food are thrown away each day in the very same world where millions of people are starving to death?

Read... Exodus 16:11-30

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