:::day twelve:::FAST FROM SLEEP

wednesday, september 30
“The more we pray for people, the more we will come to love them. So then, if we do not pray for people, can we say that we love them?” Richard Foster
Most of us already don’t get enough sleep each night, but that is usually due to our own choices. There are those in our world, however, whose sleep is continually interrupted, painful, or full of fear. It is often during those long nights that their cries reach the ears of a Father who cares. We too can choose to spend more than the average 3-4 minutes per day in prayer to One who sees, knows, and hears all needs. Tonight, set your alarm for a time in the middle of the night to seek God not only on your behalf, but to intercede for the hurting people who God places on your heart.
Is it easier for you to pray for general world issues or individual people you know? What could you do so that your prayers become more personal and specific?

Read... Psalm 121:3-4; James 5:13-16

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