saturday, september 26
Americans spend $705 billion on entertainment and recreation every year.
We are a well-entertained society! We can hardly go anywhere outside, or even inside, our homes without being bombarded by the sights, sounds, and sensations of our media industry. The billions of dollars we spend amusing ourselves each year could be used to literally change the world. Imagine if, rather than transporting our “American culture” to the developing world via movies, magazines, and music, we brought clean water (for 6 billion) and education (for 9 billion) and medical care (for 13 billion) instead. Choose today to forgo all of your typical means of entertainment and spend your extra time or dollars in a way that makes a lasting difference.
What kind of statement would the American church make if we collectively cut our recreational spending in half and proved that we love our global neighbors as ourselves by putting our money where our mouth is?

Read... I Tim 6:17-19, James 5:1-5

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