monday, september 28
“Maybe I need Africa more than Africa needs me” ~ the voice of an American Christian
People living in extreme poverty do not have the option to be totally independent and self-sufficient. For sheer survival purposes, villages and families must join together to share food, shelter, water, transportation, skills and more. In America, however, we are not accustomed to being dependent on other people for our daily survival; in fact, we could go weeks without even seeing our closest neighbors. Perhaps, living in such a way where we truly need one another isn’t shameful, but beautiful. Practice being dependent on someone else today, like borrowing your neighbor’s lawnmower or carpooling to school or work, so you can catch a glimpse of the kind of community the poor are uniquely privileged to experience.
Instead of typically being in the position to give, or teach, or offer our skills to the poor, why is it important to also receive from them? How do we need Africa sometimes more than Africa needs us?

Read... Acts 2:42-47 ; I Thessalonians 2:8

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