:::day nine::: FAST FROM FEAR

sunday, september 27
“On Sunday morning, safe in our church pews and surrounded by friends, it can be all too easy to leave the world’s violence, suffering, and turmoil outside—out of sight, out of mind. But as Christians, are we really given the option of turning away from the world’s problems?” Richard Stearns, The Hole In Our Gospel
One of the reasons more Christians aren’t recklessly changing the world like Jesus taught us is because of fear. Fear of physical harm, fear of a ruined reputation, fear of offending, fear of failing. So we stay safe in our comfort zones and “do our part,” while billions are suffering and longing for the kind of spiritual, physical, and societal transformation only the Gospel can bring. How will this hurting world (and our next door neighbors) truly experience the Kingdom of God unless we take risks, live radically, and love authentically? So today, release your fears and boldly proclaim the good news of Jesus to the person or people God will prayerfully direct you to.
What if every Christian lived without fear every day?

Read... Deuteronomy 31:8, Romans 8:15, II Timothy 1:7

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