:::day one::: FAST FROM COMFORT

saturday, september 19
Around 11 million children live on the streets in India, according to UNICEF estimates.
A typical bed for some of the poor in our world might be a thin piece of foam or simply a light blanket on a hard floor or dirt ground. Millions of children grow up on impoverished city streets never knowing the shelter of a roof over their head and the comfort of a soft bed. But in their distress, many will cry out to God as their Comforter and place of Refuge. Feel what many of our global brothers and sisters feel every night and choose to sleep on the floor beside your bed, just for tonight…. maybe even without a blanket or pillow. Practice finding your comfort in the shelter of God’s arms.
How might years of sleeping on the hard ground affect your daily life?

Read...Psalm 18:2, Luke 21:37, Matthew 8:20, II Corinthians 1:3-5

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